How You Can Honor Mary At Home or At School

How You Can Honor Mary At Home or At School

During the month of May, all Catholics are asked to make special devotions to our Blessed Mother. Many Catholic schools invite students to participate in some of the following events and activities that help them learn to grow in love for Our Lady.

May Crowning – A statue of Mary is crowned with flowers at the culmination of a procession led by students singing Marian hymns. This is done not only to honor our Mother, but also as a powerful reminder to students that Mary is Queen of both Heaven and earth.

School-wide Rosary – Variations of this prayerful tradition take place at Catholic schools throughout the month of May. Students and faculty gather together to pray a rosary in honor of the Blessed Virgin. Some use balloons, rocks, flashlights or even cupcakes to represent each bead on the rosary.

Here are some ideas that you can practice at school or at home!

  • Study the approved apparitions of Mary that have taken place throughout the world. Celebrate with traditional foods and customs of the locations in which Mary has appeared.
  • Wear blue, a color that traditionally represents Mary, as a sign of devotion.
  • Plant a Mary Garden in front of your school or home.
  • Pray the Litany of Loreto with students to help them learn various names of our Blessed Mother.

A relationship with the Blessed Mother is a gift to children. Take the opportunity this month to introduce the children in your life to some faith-filled Marian traditions.

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