Religious Education Is More Than Just A Class

Religious Education Is More Than Just A Class

Our country’s education system often neglects to integrate subjects and show students the connections between them. Students move from room to room throughout the day, thinking that Math has nothing to do with English and vice versa. Although some separation of subjects is reasonable, the philosophy behind Catholic Education seeks to educate the whole student.

The Catholic Intellectual Tradition provides a firm foundation to help students learn not only the facts about a subject, but how that knowledge affects everyday life. A Catholic Education also teaches that faith, science, and reason work together and inform each other. 

When a child receives an education at a Catholic school, they will be taught about virtue, truth, goodness, and faith all throughout the day. Certainly, the dates and facts will be taught during a course specifically geared toward Religion and the Bible, but things like good character are laced throughout the day. When a student is taught to see God in everything, they grow to have a deeper respect and stronger relationship with Him. When they have that foundation, they become a better member of society because they respect every person’s dignity as a creation of God.

Unfortunately, we cannot rely on public education to pass these faith-filled truths onto our children. Parents must be diligent about the education of their children. Supporting Catholic education will ensure our nation’s future recognizes the need for God, natural law, and Christian virtue. 

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